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We at Property Buyer Mortgage Consultants and Singapore Home loans have selected 5 most used and important mortgage calculator for you. There are too many calculators out there and it is very easy to get confused. In case you are not sure, you can always contact a Mortgage Consultant.

Affordability Calculator

Home loan affordability helps you to assess your personal finance on how much you can afford to pay for monthly home loan repayment.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Mortgage payment calculator helps you to calculate your monthly repayment amount. You can adjust the loan tenor as well as the interest rate to arrive at the monthly home loan repayment figure.

Investment Calculator

This Investment Calculator gives you an approximate figures of returns on invested capital. This calculator is useful in helping you to determine investment returns. As the downpayment changes, the returns also changes. You can understand the effect of these parameters (on the returns); home loan interest rate, Investment rental yield, maintenance fees and downpayment. Modifying these parameters alters the Returns on Invested Capital (ROIC).

Housing Payment Calculator

The housing loan payment Calculator helps you to estimate your housing loan repayment schedule.

Interest Rate Sensitivity Calculator

The interest rate sensitivity calculator helps you assess the loan size across a range of home loan interest rate. The repayment table will be plotted against the range of interest rates. You will be able to see what you can or cannot afford and where is interest rate affordability limit.

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